Enrichment Programs

Our Enrichment Programs offer extra-curricular activities for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten students during the academic school year. As part of tuition, students enjoy weekly lessons in Art, Music & Physical Fitness. Our Enrichment programs are designed to expand upon classroom lessons and provide greater opportunities for creative learning.

Music Enrichment

Music is a universal language that speaks to all humans. Children
are especially sensitive to music and are able to absorb it very quickly. Through its rhythm, beat, tones, accompanying words
and use of different instruments, music catches the senses and reinforces learning. Our Music Enrichment classes allow children
to travel through different countries, eras and cultures to learn
about the music from all parts of the world. Through repeated exposure to lyrics, melodies and rhythms, students are able to enhance their long-term memorization abilities.

Art Enrichment

Art is an important component in a child's development as it serves as a great tool for children to express their own feelings and ideas.
 The Devine School’s Art Enrichment program is 
designed to develop children's self-expression, emotional skills, communication skills and creativity while having fun doing different art activities.  Children will develop a sense of pride and self confidence while having fun with the different art lesson. 

Physical Fitness Enrichment

Healthy eating, regular exercise, rest and personal safety are all parts
of a healthy lifestyle. The Devine School’s Physical Fitness Enrichment program is designed to cover all of these topics in a fun and
entertaining way. The Physical Fitness Enrichment program follows
the KID-FIT curriculum which is widely used by many early
childhood programs throughout the country. The ultimate goal of
the Physical Fitness Enrichment program is to introduce and
emphasize the importance of good health and wellness habits.
Through physical education children learn, in a fun way, how to
take care of their bodies for a lifetime of good health.

The Devine School

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